BELLETTINI Company was founded in 1978 with the grand opening of the first shop in Cura di Vetralla.
Passion and ambition have allowed us to represent the best fashion brands since the beginning. Dedication, diligence and forseight, brang us to achieve the important goal of establishing 14 boutiques in the Center of Italy.
Our stores are situated in the medieval center in Viterbo, in Lazio region, and in the exclusive and international tourist resorts of Punta Ala and Saturni, in Tuscany.
We are particularly proud of the new boutique in Cura di Vetralla: a modern two levels building made of glass and steel and closed to our historic headquarters. This has been designed and built in order to face new challanges and to reach new brands.
In 40 years of growth and evolution we have obtained the loyalty and devotion of selected customers in politics, jet set, national and international show business who look for a private place, and the professional welcome of our staff. Our business goals for 2021 are to grow up on our market of reference overseeing all the channels, to improve our Online presence, to increase the interaction of the Fan Base on Social Media and most important, to launch the e-shop portal (Q2 2020)in order to complete all the digital investments.