Let’s celebrate together the beauty of the Planet we call home. One more occasion to remind us that our commitment must be constant and that our purchasing choices make the difference.

We also want to celebrate and remember that the environment is protected with concrete gestures: from companies to citizens, the choices of production or purchase are essential to establish a regenerative economic model towards the Planet. For example, the purchasing habits of each of us – from companies to citizens – have a very strong impact.

When creating its formulas, Davines also selects excellent quality ingredients, choosing them with respect for biodiversity and favoring those of natural, eco-certified or organic origin.

The Essential Haircare line is a symbol of this formulation philosophy. Each Essential product contains an ingredient from a Slow Food Presidium in Italy: from the Noto Almond in LOVE Curle, to the Torre Guaceto Fiaschetto Tomato in the NOU NOU formula. By choosing to buy these raw materials, we support with a concrete gesture small local farmers, custodians of a very important heritage of diversity and beauty.

Each Essential Haircare product contains an active ingredient derived from a Slow Food Presidium in Italy.

These are small, traditional crops – such as the Fiaschetto Tomato from Brindisi or the Salina Caper – carried out with passion by Italian farming families in the forefront of the defense of biodiversity. We decided to thank these brave farmers, telling you about their daily commitment.

Fiaschetto Tomato from Carovigno

It is rich in carbohydrates and proteins, with a strong nutritional power and vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant. It also has strong invigorating and nourishing properties.