Products of the week:

OI Line

The best-selling and award-winning OI family can be used as a daily routine or to define the style.

Formulated with Roucou oil, this product imparts extraordinary shine and softness to all hair types.

Extremely rich in beta carotene (which has a restructuring effect on hair), Roucou oil reduces cell damage caused by UV rays and helps prevent signs of ageing. All products are free of sulphates and parabens.


– A rich and unforgettable fragrance

– Each product offers multiple benefits

– Roucou oil protects hair from damage caused by ageing and the environment


– Instantly makes hair softer

– The detangling action of Roucou oil makes hair easy to comb

– OI Body Wash leaves the skin moisturised and protected

The name OI comes from the ancient oriental concept of harmony understood as a balance between opposing forces. With the aim of creating a balance between sensory well-being, benefits and effectiveness, OI gives immediate positive results visible from the first use.